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Mar 13, 13 Thai Girls

Thai girls immigrate to Australia for many reasons. Be it for work, education, better living situations, family, etc., Thai people are constantly finding reasons to relocate themselves to Australia. Many Thai students see Australia as an ideal place to study English and continue their education while professional Thai women and men see career opportunities in Australia. The majority of Thai immigrants to Australia are Thai girls and many of them end up getting married to Australian men and continuing their career or education. In fact, about 17 percent of Thai women who come to Australia have third level qualifications.

A major reason for the prevalence of Thai girls in Australia is the migrations of Thai brides to Australia. In New South Wales alone, sixty three percent of Thai immigrants are women. This has led to a high number of Thai women being involved in mixed-race relationships as well as a diaspora of Thai women across Australia, rather than populations concentrated in certain neighborhoods.

Australian men are finding Thai wives at a higher rate for many reasons. Obviously, the world is a much smaller place in 2013 than ever before. Online dating and social networking has made it easy for Australians to meet people from all over the world and to carry on relationships. A simple internet search will quickly reveal many Thai girls dating sites that cater to Australian men/people.

While it is getting easier and easier to meet people from all over the world, people are finding it harder and harder to stay with their partners, as evident by rising divorce rates. Furthermore, many single Australian men turn to Thai girls to fulfill a need for companionship or physical love. Australian men also have found Thailand to be a popular retirement destination, often splitting time there. These men have made use of Thai dating sites and began relationships with Thai women.


Internet dating has played a major role in Thai girls meeting and marrying Australian men. Australia is the premiere location for foreign relationships among women using Thai dating sites. Approximately 46% of Thai women using Thai dating sites end up in relationships with Australian men. Many of these couples end up getting married. While it may appear that many of these marriages are shams for one reason or another, many are largely legitimate, loving and happy relationships. Australian men are genuinely finding happiness with their Thai bride or Thai girlsfriend. Furthermore, it is only possible for Thai women to obtain a visa if they can prove that it is a legitimate relationship or marriage, and not just one for the purpose of obtaining a visa.

Many Australian men take a Thai bride after visiting Thailand or otherwise meeting them overseas. The more that Thailand and Australia work together as nations, the more Australian men will visit Thailand and meet Thai girls. As a result of that, the number of Thai brides will continue to increase. It does not appear that there is a general attraction of Australian men to Thai women, but like in any culture or nation, there are men who find themselves attracted to certain traits. The search for Thai brides is not unique to Australia, but it is also not endemic.

Thai women have come to play an important role in Australian culture, especially in Sydney. Thai women in Sydney have managed to translate their traditional roles from Thailand, which included supporting the men and organizing communities, into roles more typical of Australian women such as businesswomen and community workers.

The Thai community in Australia is thriving and growing. It is a community that looks out for its own. One notable example is the Sydney Sexual Health Center, which operates a clinic that is ran for Thai women by Thai women. Another result of the Thai community is the popularity of Thai food. Thai women have taken charge of growing and strengthening the Thai community in Australia. The Thai Welfare Association was established in 1990 to help Thai women find work and adjust to life in Australia. The Thai community also established a Thai language newspaper, The Thai Oz, in 1990. The Thai Buddhist community in Australia retains close associations with Buddhist temples in Thailand. Beginning in 2000, the Thaitown district of Sydney began to develop. As a result, more and more Thai products became available and more and more Thai restaurants began to open. Thai food is now a popular option as a result of this as well as Thai brides preparing traditionally Thai meals at home.

The Thai community will only continue to grow. Thai women in particular are going to continue to import their culture to Australia and the country will see more and more examples of Thai culture. Along with this, more and more Australian men will start taking Thai brides. More mixed couples will lead to more integration of Thai culture in Australia. So long as people see the mixing of cultures as a positive, the process will continue and grow. It will be important for Australians to avoid becoming xenophobic and must welcome the new culture. Thai people have a lot to offer Australia and their growing presence will only make Australia a better place. Unfortunately, the issue of Thai mail order brides does exist, however it is a small group of women and not a group that is indicative of the community of Thai women. Thai women are moving to Australia to find better lives and happiness. The stigma and perception of Thai ladies in Australia as being Thai mail order brides or redlight workers is unfair to the vast majority of Thai women in Australia who are contributing a lot to the culture of Australia and are becoming important parts of the communities that they have settled in.

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